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Kenosha News: As hunger grows, UW-Madison is redirecting excess food from the landfill to its students

Kenosha News Article

“UW-Madison students with Food Recovery Network…prepare a free meal, with food donated by Healthy Food for All, at The Crossing Campus Ministry. Food Recovery Network is a student-run organization that collects leftover food from UW-Madison’s biggest dining services to make free meals.” See the article here:  

CAC Works with Healthy Food for All and Second Harvest for Enhanced Gleaning Initiatives in Dane County

CAC Gleaning Program

“CAC is excited to be working closely with Healthy Food for All and Second Harvest to weave our gleaning program into their existing food recovery networks! This transition aims to enhance the efficiency of gleaning initiatives in Dane County, preventing food waste and promoting a more streamlined process. “ See the article here:

Public Health Madison & Dane County: How We’re Partnering to Reduce Food Waste

How We're Partnering to Reduce Food Waste

“Here in Dane County, around 7% of households are food insecure, meaning they have limited or uncertain access to adequate food. Access to safe and nutritious food is essential for both individual and population health.” See the article here:  Republished with credit to Public Health Madison & Dane County. posted  January 11, 2024 – 8:17am […]

Food waste awareness is up. Food surplus is down.

Courtesy Chris Brockel

“Chris Brockel, longtime area food activist and coordinator of Healthy Food for All, is a go-to figure in local food recovery. And Healthy Food For All is a leader among groups that help those who have surplus food, matching them with food pantries and other nonprofits who help feed those in need.” See the article here: […]

Waste not – Food recovery groups cooperate to keep food out of the landfill


“Before the pandemic, groups in Madison that help recover and repurpose food that would otherwise go to waste had their procedures worked out. But these food recovery operations were upended when COVID-19 shut down restaurants, business cafeterias and catering in March of 2020 — the primary sources of excess prepared foods that many food recovery […]

Doing the Work: Leaders in Food Justice

Edible Madison

“The COVID-19 pandemic revealed deep fissures in our food systems from the global scale to the local. Now, with a greater public awareness of the iniquities and challenges with the food supply chain from seed to kitchen, pivotal strides for food justice are within reach— if we take this opportunity to deepen our commitment to […]

What did we learn? Joe Mingle praises the courage of his volunteers

Healthy Food For All - HFFA

“Joe Mingle has dedicated his time, resources and life to ensuring that people living in any situation have access to plenty of healthy food. He spearheaded the program Healthy Food For All, an entity that distributes food from local farms to the homeless, pop-up food pantries, youth programs and domestic abuse survivors. But 2020 was 2020 […]

Hungry city: Food banks and farmers feed rising numbers in Dane County

Hungry city: Food banks and farmers feed rising numbers in Dane County

“It’s a recent weekday morning as Joe Mingle, operations manager at Healthy Food for All Dane County, wades through dozens of cardboard boxes in a room just off the loading dock at Second Harvest Foodbank. The containers are stacked in towers as tall as a person, full of perishable items like multigrain rolls, vegan cream […]