Healthy Food for All
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Repacking Prepared Foods

containers of food

Anytime you are serving large crowds or employees there are bound to be leftovers. Healthy Food for All collects prepared food from large cafeterias and events that might otherwise go to waste and repackages it into family sized containers, gives it an ingredient label, and distributes it to families in need through Dane County food […]

Collecting & Packing Produce

Gardening and farming

Southern Wisconsin is rich with vegetable and fruit farms and our region is a leader in the local and sustainable food movement. Many of these farms produce more than they can sell through the consumer and wholesale market. Farmers can certainly til this excess back into the ground to have it compost, but this means […]

Food Processing for Funds


Combining our experience processing fruits and vegetables for use during the winter and our need to fund our programming, Healthy Food for All is contracting with local farms and value added producers to provide processing and co-packing services. We are careful to enter into agreements that add value to our work without becoming a burden […]