"Food Folly" digs into efforts to turn food waste into Healthy Food For All

[dgtfw_icon_box layout=”vertical” title=”Who We Are and What We Do” icon_custom=”ion-ios-people” description=”Healthy Food for All is a community-based food recovery effort. We collect excess produce from farms and prepared foods from corporate cafeterias that would otherwise go to waste. We clean and repackage this food at the FEED Kitchens and then distribute it to food pantries and neighborhoods all over Madison, WI.”][dgtfw_icon_box layout=”vertical” title=”Why we do what we do” icon_custom=”ion-android-bulb” description=”To ensure all Dane County children and families can access affordable, healthy and culturally appropriate food to achieve better health outcomes and a higher quality of life, and to protect our local ecosystem by reducing landfill waste.”]

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Access to healthy, affordable food is a problem for people with low incomes. The free, nutritious food we provide fills a need, and it also frees up money families need to meet other critical needs, like housing and health care. Capturing potential food waste is also great for the environment as anaerobically composting food in landfills releases high levels of methane, which contributes to global climate change. Finally, all the food we distribute is locally sourced! Healthy Food for All is working on a food processing model that will help fund some of our operations, but we still need your donations to fund the collection and distribution of great food.

Your donation will go towards paying for use of the Feed Kitchen, paying for packaging materials for donated food, and paying for our small staff. If you have questions about how we spend our money, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

You can use the DONATE NOW button above, or, if you prefer to donate by check, please make your check out to the “Northside Planning Council” and mail to:

Healthy Food for All
1219 N. Sherman Ave.
Madison, WI 53704

Please write Healthy Food for All in the memo line of your check.

We’re grateful for your help in accomplishing these critical goals.